NLP and Personal Development Cafe in Gateshead tonight

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NLP & Personal Development CAFE – Gateshead




Come along and learn NLP in its purest form!


Having the theory of a desired outcome of goal is no use if you do not have the right emotional state or required behaviour to achieve it!


On this workshop you will learn how to work towards your goals and outcomes by changing your behaviour, your sensory perspective, values and skills.


We will focus on Robert Dilts‘ Neurological Levels, where it stands in NLP, and how best to use it to work towards goals and outcomes – adynamic interactive workshop with underlying theory and practical activities to take home!


Over the next few sessions we will be exploring various techniques to help you create positive mind states and behaviours to help you achieve what you want from life.

Some of the many techniques we will use include how to:





Creating “Well-Formed” Outcomes that develop behaviourial shifts


Reframe negative thought patterns into positive behaviours


Overcome limiting beliefs


Deal with Inner Conflict


Creating Compelling & Alternative Futures


Move quickly from present state to a desired state


Operate from a solutions focused mindset


Create a state of “As If” you already had all the resources you need.






You don’t need to know anything about at all about NLP or personal development, but you will gain a lot from this session even if you are already familiar with this approach – a friendly and fun session open to experienced NLP people and beginners alike!


Your training is delivered by Jay Arnott, certified NLP trainer by co-founder John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St-Clair and Michael Carroll.


Again, the meeting is open to ANYONE looking for new tools to help them achieve their personal goals or is simply interested in finding new ways to help make positive change.

Tea and Coffee provided.


Each month we cover a different coaching topic covering personal development with practical tools to facilitate positive change in ourselves. In the past we’ve explored techniques to improve self-esteem, dealing with fears & phobias, stress/anxiety, coaching, goal-setting, and many more.




£10 meeting fee (High-End coaching at pocket money prices!)


non-members can purchase tickets for this event on Eventbrite:










Well Formed Outcomes


Inner Conflict & Parts Therapy


Phobia and Trauma


Chunking” for Goals


Circle of Excellence


Perceptual Positions and “Moving Chairs”


Chain of Excellence – For Performance


Creating a Positive Natural Anchor


Chunking for Goals


Verbal Package –  Success Language Pattern


Working with Unconscious Body Signals


N Step Reframe  – Generating Positive New Behaviours




Meetings are held monthly.




Jay Arnott, NLP Newcastle


Aly, Newcastle Performance Coaching,






The Personal Development Circle North East is sponsored by Newcastle Performance Coaching







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To procrastinate or not to procrastinate

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Procrastination can destroy your dreams, before you know it time has passed you by and all of those hopes, dreams and goals have fallen by the wayside.  When that happens it is easy to regret what has happened, to blame yourself and others for the lack of progress or achievement.

The thing with procrastination is that it grabs you tightly with both hands and holds on without you even realising it.  It holds you back and before you know it days, weeks and months pass you by as have many opportunities that came your way and it is too late to follow up.

How much has procrastination cost your or your business?  I am not just talking about money.  I am talking about opportunites that you have not taken up, relationships that have fallen by the wayside, people who you know have moved on to more attentive friends or partners.

It will happen again and again until you learn how to deal with procrastination.  You need to understand how it takes a grip and how you cann cast it aside, ready to change, motivated and excited about new opportunities.

What will you no longer accept in your life?
Are you ready to change?
Are you committed to change?

What will you do?  You can stay where you are right now or learn how to motivate and excel yourself for a bigger brighter future.

Procrastination vs Motivation

Getting back on track.

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Ever felt that you are running around in circles, no clear vision of where you are going or how you will get there?  Were you wasting all your energy?  Did you get annoyed with yourself?  Start throwing your toys out the pram with frustration?  Whether it is your personal life or running your business the emotions can be very similar.

Running your business, especially in the early days, can see you using up all your spare cash and resources, drain your mental energy, and run away with your time. 

It is easy to get absorbed in what is going wrong with the situation, blame others, run around aimlessly for anything and everything that may help.  The thing is that we only know so much and the answers may be outside our consciousness although we may well have the resources required to resolve the situation we are in.

A great resource is to work with a coach who will help you identify what the key challenges are, what resources you may have that have not been utilised yet, and prepare an action plan to get you working smarter to resolve matters.  Working with a coach is like having a compass showing you the way to your destination.  Your coach will keep you focused and on track.  If you get stuck then help is at hand to take stock and reassess the situation to identify the next key steps to get you where you want to be either by the original route you chose or by identifying an alternative route.

In life as in business there are so many decision to make, options to cosider, distractions on our time and focus.  Having said that you can be successful, just find your way with the help and support of a coach.

Contact Newcastle Performance Coaching to book your coaching session in which we will work together to identify the key strategies which will kick you off on your path to personal or business success.  The investment for the first session is only £47 with no obligation to take further sessions.  Contact me for further information.

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Staying motivated.

Procrastination vs Motivation

Newcastle Performance Coaching tips for finding a coach

Simple Time Management: Curing Procrastination the Simple Way

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Source:  Simple Time Management: Curing Procrastination the Simple Way

Procrastination is a subject that is very much linked to time management discussions and debated in many of the time management forums across the Internet. These discussions always intrigue me as I do not think of procrastination as a time management problem for most people. Let’s review the definitions of procrastination and what it means to procrastinate. See if this stays together as the article unfolds time management systems versus project management systems.

Procrastination according to Merriam-Webster is: to put off intentionally and habitually : to put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done. This is a pretty clear and simple definition of the problem.

Time management systems are quite simply organization systems. You need a list of what you must accomplish over a certain time horizon, so you get it done. You organize your files so information is readily available when you need it saving you the time of hunting around for things. So by definition time management systems help those who are in motion. The procrastinator is not yet in motion. They have put off doing what they need to do. So logically, time management systems do not help procrastinators. In other words you don’t need a map if the trip has not started.

Causes of Procrastination

I think there are some simple categories into which most procrastination falls.

Pleasure/Pain Impact is Not Currently Felt Nor Imminent

In simple terms people are motivated to act by either pleasure or pain. If the task is very pleasurable to them the motivation is there and it will be accomplished. Clean your room and I will take you to the toy store is an example. If the task will avoid a lump of pain, again the motivation will be there. File your taxes on time to avoid a large penalty is an example here. If the procrastinator does not have the awareness to and mindfulness to project the pleasure to be enjoyed or the pain to be felt from their delayed action, they will continue to delay taking action until opportunities are lost and situation are uncorrectable. So in our examples, Dad lost his patience waiting for the room to be cleaned and left without you. In the pain example, you waited so long, that all the accountants in town are booked up and have no time to see you and there is no way you can get your taxes done on time now.


The feeling of overwhelm is one that can impact many people. Simply put, the task is so daunting that you simple defer it because you don’t know how or where to start. The thought of writing a 20 page research paper overwhelms you so you go out for a beer with your friends.

Cures for Procrastination

I find it funny that there are many cure procrastination programs advertised on-line with most of them asking people to take fill out lengthy questionnaires or read long books. Just what someone who has a procrastination problem needs is more on their plate. They probably have a bunch of reading and tasks to they have not gotten to, why do they need more. What procrastinators need are simple ideas that will get them focuses on the tasks they must get done.


The first tip is awareness. You must use awareness to bring the future into the present. You can only act now. By being aware now of the pain or pleasure completing a task will provide, you will be more apt to take the required action now to avoid the pain, or experience the pleasure. Think about the outcome and consequences of delaying action and what the future looks like with the actions undone. Play that as a movie in your mind like it was now. This simple technique will provide you the motivation needed to begin the actions needed to get started and to reduce the anxiety you are feeling knowing the task has not started. To quote DK Reynolds, “Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.”

Small Steps

As the old saying by Lao-Tzu goes, the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Use this advice to break bigger projects down into smaller easier to accomplish tasks. A 20 page research paper is daunting, but a 10 minute on-line search for books on the paper’s topic is not. Take the whole task and break it down into smaller mini-projects in sizes that do not overwhelm you. Then schedule the tasks into your calendar leaving plenty of extra time for slippage of the schedule. This method ensures the project is done on time and in a manner that relieves anxiety instead of creating it.

Like everything else in life the cure to procrastination can be simple and effective.

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