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I was proper amused at this article on the advert for geordie translators.  As a geordie myself I have to say that I have never had problems with anyone understanding my northern accent until I spent a year working in Cumbria and it was very difficult at times being understood as well as understanding some of the thicker west coast dialects.  But is a need for translators not taking things a bit too far?  Having said that if it pays well you can count me in.

Language firm advertises for ‘Geordie translators’ | UK news |

Language firm advertises for ‘Geordie translators’  Hundreds apply for work as ‘Geordie translators’ to help foreign visitors baffled by north-east accent

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XFactor finalists are Joe, Ollie and Stacey

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I’ve followed the series of XFactor with interest as someone who cannot sing a note in tune I am envious of those who can sing so beautifully as on the XFactor. I felt sorry for Danyl as he left last night and the finalists were announced, though I’m pleased with who did get through.

Emotional night as X Factor finalists revealed | News | What's On …

It was an emotional evening for the remaining acts in X Factor 2009 after they learned who had made the final. First to learn his fate was Olly, who burst into tears and hugged his mentor Simon Cowell upon learning he was in the final …

The X Factor: why vywers dydn't lyke Danyl – Telegraph Blogs

Some thoughts on the weekend’s episodes of The X Factor: 1. Danyl’s departure can’t be put down to lack of ability (after all, Olly’s still in – he sings like an out-of-work children’s TV presenter hosting a karaoke night for an 18-year-old … My campaign to persuade the world that the wonderful Stacey Solomon is not a 24-carat dunderhead will never succeed if she insists on behaving as she did when Dermot announced she was through to the final – i.e. continue to stare …

I’ve been following the 3 finalists during the series. Stacey is great and I’m loving the songs she is belting out, Ollie is so entertaining I love his dancing and singing and can really see him being a hit after the show whether he wins or not. As for Joe Mcelderry I thought he was OK but nothing special however in the last few weeks he appears to have really blossomed and is truly delivering what I would expect from a XFactor winner. As a fellow Geordie it would be great to see Joe win especially as he is an amazing singer, though a bit of me still really hopes Stacey will make it.

Joe McElderry – X Factor Live Shows Week 8

Joe McElderry takes over with his second perfromance of Saturday night singing “Sorry seems to be”. All the judges seemed to agree that Joe was the stand out performing on Saturday. What do you think? Leave your comments below …

I know I will be glued to the TV next weekend to watch the XFactor final and seeing whether it is Joe, Ollie or Stacy that wins Xfactor 2009.