Personal Development Workshops 2014

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I have spent some time recently working on the 2014 calendar for the PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE NORTH EAST and am pleased to say it is pretty much finalised.

We have 3 presenters presenting monthly workshops:

  • Coaching Cafe – Aly, Newcastle Performance Coaching, weekly 1pm-3pm January – February then monthly
  • Personal Development Cafe – Caroline Malloy – monthly on a Saturday 2pm – 4pm
  • NLP Cafe in Gateshead – Jay Arnott – monthly on a Saturday 10am – 12 noon
  • Law of Attraction Cafe – Caroline Cogdon – monthly on a Saturday 10am – 12 noon
  • Teachings of Abraham – Aly, Newcastle Performance Coaching, monthly (evening)
  • Spirituality Cafe – Aly, Newcastle Performance Coaching, monthly (evening)

I’m running a 7 week group coaching course starting in January and February, as well as a few one-off workshops (confidence, self-esteem, stress management etc) and will deliver the above if for any reason the usual presenter is unavailable.

For the exact dates and locations of meetings please check our website.

I do have some places left for ‘guest workshops’.  If you are interested in presenting a workshop for the PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT CIRCLE NORTH EAST please get in touch and with details of your website, the workshop and some information about yourself.  Please note any guest presentations should not conflict with any of the other presenters above.  Priority to presenting to the group is always given to PAID PDCNE members.

We have the Christmas stress-buster night on Saturday 7 December 2013 if you are interested in presenting to the Personal Development Circle North East then come along and deliver a 15 minute presentation.  Coming along to this event is an ideal opportunity for you to meet me, the other members of the group and discuss future workshops.

Once I have finalised the PDCNE calendar for 2014 in mid December I will not be adding any new presentations/workshops until the summer except for our regular presenters and a couple of people I’m in the process of securing dates with.

In addition to the Personal Development Circle North East I also run 2 other meetup groups – PARENTS NORTH EAST and PROFESSIONAL PEOPLE NORTH EAST.  The opportunity to present in workshops applies to ALL 3 groups I run.

Not everyone in the group is interested in presenting which is great, all members contribute to the group whether it’s at a social, by attending, supporting or help promoting events or getting involved in presenting.

In order to be successful the groups rely upon members being active so join us, take time to look around the websites and book into anything that appeals (someone has to be the first to RSVP!!) you can always change your mind nearer the time.


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Ever get stressed?

Of course you do!

We all do, and we wouldn’t be human without it!

You see, stress is important…

On this workshop you will gain some interesting insights into how to deal with your stress offering key principles to consider, also some practical techniques which you can apply to yourself and others to help you deal with stress more effectively and approach life from a calmer perspective.

You will also learn how to identify your own trigger responses for stress so that you can deal with them before you it to happen.

Some of the techniques you will learn on this workshop will be drawn from Jay’s personal arsenal of meditation, NLP training and self-hypnosis, much of which follow similar principles of mindful states of focus and relaxation.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to this group, new to to NLP or any of the techniques, this workshop is for novices, pros, friends and strangers alike.

Each month we offer a different personal development topic, the purpose of which is to give you brief insights and practical tools that you can take to use out there in the real world.

We’re friendly social group that meets once a month usually upstairs at the new Costa Coffee in Trinity Square Gateshead – 945-12ish. Dates and venues may vary so keep an eye on the website and please sign up to the group.

You are expected to buy your own coffee or refreshments, hence the affordable price option.

Your presenters are:

Jay Arnott, personal development coach, NLP Trainer, and hypnotherapist:


Aly, Personal Development Coach, Complete Mind Therapist and Stress Consultant for Professional People in the North East.

(Newcastle Performance Coaching)


£5 for PDCNE PAID members

£7 for all other MEETUP attendees (please pay CASH on arrival)

£10 for non MEETUP members

Refreshments NOT included




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