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Joining a membership group has so many benefits to us which is why they are so successful.  Not only do they help us connect with other people with shared interests, build friendships they also can help create a sense of team spirit and pride.

We recommend two groups on the MeetUp platform – Coffee and Cake Companions, and the North East Circle.
These groups are designed to bring together people with shared interests socially as a means of building genuine friendships with other people in the North East.
Whilst many membership or social groups refer to a group of people or a place where they may meet and often this revolves around an interest, occupation or activity, for example running, films, running, education, fitness, art and so on.
These two groups bring together people on a social level – building friendships which can help improve confidence and self esteem,.

Joining groups, clubs and societies is very popular and most of us like the sense of belonging . Isn’t it nice to belong to something?

If you live in the North East and interested in meeting other people for coffee and conversation a couple of times a month in cafes and garden centres North of the Tyne this meetup group COFFEE AND CAKE COMPANIONS may be of interest to you.


Coffee and Cake Companions

Ponteland, GB
20 Cafe Companions

Aim of this group is to meet up a couple of times a month for coffee, cake and a chat.We meet Tuesday mornings, Thursday afternoons.  Occasionally other times too.Where? We …

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It is FREE to join, but members are required to come out regularly so genuine friendships can be built.

These are mainly daytime socials – ideal if you are retired, work part time or shifts.

Alternatively the North East Circle meetup group is for people interested in personal development and includes a Tarot Reading group.  There is a £5 joining payment – events include coffee and conversation, card readings, monthly curry, movie nights, days away and more

The North East Circle

Ponteland, GB
19 Lovely Members

This MeetUp group was founded in 2013, our events are quiet relaxed socials for people who would like to widen their social circle and build friendships – and who share our in…

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The main reasons people choose to join social groups include:

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  • a sense of belonging;
  • feelings of inclusion within groups result in higher levels of esteem.
  • joining social clubs, sports groups etc. are a great way to extend social connections;
  • building friendships with people they would otherwise not have met;
  • the opportunity to improve your social life,
  • spending regular time like-minded people who share their interests
  • learning something new or doing what you enjoy.

Joining groups is not enough – you need to come out to our meetings, connect with people and be pro-active.  We’re all very friendly and sociable so you will be very welcome at our meetings, events and workshops.

Are meetings are mainly in Newcastle, Sunderland, Northumberland and Durham and locations/venues vary.

So what are you waiting for? Join one today!
You can join us on our websites – or using the MeetUp phone app 🙂

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