Personal Development Workshops

Join us at one of our workshops.

We have regular workshops running each month:

Workshops can be found in our groups (not all workshops are promoted to all 3 groups and member can attend at a discounted price:

Non members can attend workshops which are advertised on EventBrite.

Workshop Topics

Personal Development workshops generally include coaching / NLP tools.

Some are content specific e.g. parenting, confidence, stress management.

Law of Attraction

Dating / relationship tips

Workshop (Photo credit: boellstiftung)


All of our meetings are inclusive and very informal.  Whilst some have stand up presentations many are small number meetings (under 20 attendees) and we cover the topic informally usually while having a coffee.  Workshops usually last 2 hours with a 15 minute half time comfort/networking break.  We try to locate venues that are accessible by bus, metro and car.

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