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Want to create an unusual membership site?

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As I have mentioned before in my Blogs the moving to membership sites within your niche is a great way to move your business forward. If the membership site is successful you may gain extra revenue from selling advertising space, promoting related affiliate products to your members, selling your own products & services, all in addition to charging for membership thus giving you a range of revenue streams.

As the demand for membership sites grows so does the desire to have something different, if you look at Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Squidoo, Linked In etc they are all offering something different to their social networking members.  People are not just looking for social networking sites, I am a member of several membership sites where I source information that is key to my business and keeps  me up to date with information on the niches in which I work.

If you are contemplating a membership site for your business then I have two quick things for you…

1) Top 10 Membership Models Video

You can watch this great video that outlines 10 of the most popular kinds of membership sites (and some of them don’t even have content inside!). It’s available online here.  Bring together people from within your target market into your own membership site, then you know where to market your products and services to them, find out what their needs are and make sure you are providing what they want.  Conduct surveys, ask for reviews and comments on your products, find out what problems they have so you can meet their requirements.  Provide a good membership site and you will find your members more than willing to recommend it to others, how else did the likes of Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and all the other social networks grow?

2) Recommended Solution

Chances are, if you watch the video you will have a lot of ideas as far as creating your own membership site (especially when you see the examples of the “non-traditional” membership sites.  So with that in mind, I wanted to save you some time and share the resource I recommend the most: Wishlist Products.  I truly believe that the Wishlist Membership Products are by far the best solution for creating a membership site and there are even 30+ videos available for free showing you how it’s being used.  One of the things I love most about the Wishlist Membership is that it works with WordPress and is so easy to use that a newbie could get their membership site up and running in no time.



P.S Why are the holidays a good time to work on a membership site? Because SO many people make “resolutions” to improve themselves…  so that are already looking for information! Get your site up and capitalize on the extra excitement.

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