Bar meal and social 19 November 2013

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Join our Monthly Social – A social setting where you can meet myself and other members of the group.




What will you be doing at your Meetup?


This is an informal meeting, where we will talking over drink/food and getting to know each other better.




What will it be like?


Relaxed as always, grab your refreshments then join us for a chat.

Will it be an activity? A discussion? A presentation?


Not for this meeting, it’s an informal get together.

What’s an interesting issue we’ll discuss?


There is no set topic for the social.

Who’s presenting? What will they present?


No presentation for this meeting.

Do members need to bring anything?


No, just turn up.  I’m always looking for ideas for new events and to find out what members of the group are interested in, this is your opportunity to share any ideas you have or give feedback on events you have attended.

Who should come? Are newcomers welcome?


This meeting is ideal for new members to come along & get involved, to find out more about the groups and share any ideas for future meetings as well as to get to know each other better.

Who should come?


Members of the Groups listed are welcome to bring along friends/guests especially those who may be interested in joining.

Why should people come?


To get to know other members, to find out what we’ve been up to over the last month, maybe there was a meeting that you couldn’t attend and want to know what was covered, to suggest ideas for other meetings or just to come along and say ‘Hi’ and have something to eat/drink.




How long will the meeting last?


7pm to 9pm

Is it okay to arrive late?


Yes that is fine, just get your food/drink and the bar and pull up a chair when you join us.






This event automatically repeats every month.


Just in case anyone is wavering … Tuesday night is Wetherspoons steak night – but their usual menu is available too.




This event automatically repeats monthly.


Details of tomorrows lunch can be found here:



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