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Pleasant evening out with friends and talk of tea rooms.

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The parent teacher evening meeting was cancelled today as Georgina’s class teacher was off sick. After school we did some reading together and she tried on some of the new clothes she got for her birthday. Once George was packed of for a night at her grandma’s I hot footed it home to get ready.

I met up with my pals Sue, Alison and Kim tonight. We all studied law together at Northumbria Uni and moved into different legal fields. Myself public sector, Sue works in further education, Alison commercial law and Kim family law. We popped to Azzuri in Newcastle for an early evening pizza and discussed babies (Kim started her maternity leave today), work, coaching and the legal profession. When we discussed what we would like to do if we had a change of career we all said run a coffee shop / tea rooms so we had a really interesting discussion about what an ideal tea room would be.

We always seem to go to Azzuri but will probably change next time, I can almost recite the menu as it never changes and the staff were rather rude tonight interrupting our conversations and talking over the top of us. My latte was more froth than coffee so we laughed about that too. Having said that it is a nice place to meet up and there is no hassle to finish meals and leave as some places do.

I am now home having a home made latte with a handful of After Eight mints, yummy. Hopefully I will see Kim again before the baby arrives.