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The Personal Development Circle North East is designed to bring together people with an interest in …


The group brings together People who would like to meet others with similar interests in Personal Development.  Perhaps you have goals you are working on or are looking to find your life purpose.  Maybe things have been a bit tough lately and you want to get things back on track.  It could be that you are bored with doing the same old things and are wanting to explore different things.

In our sessions we explore much of the above – all our sessions are relaxed and informal – the kettle is always on and the conversation flows.  We talk about coaching, NLP, Personal Development – we explore various tools and techniques, some are commonly used in coaching and others on occasion need a bit deeper exploration.


The Personal Development Circle North East also has a Mutual Support Group side for members who have minor struggles and could benefit from peer support.  Whether it is to improve your personal or work situation or something totally different just come along let our members motivate & support you and you can help others with their goals too.


What does The Personal Development Circle North East do?


What will we be doing in our meetings?

Our meetings are held at the offices of Newcastle Performance Coaching Limited, West Fifteen, Wickham View, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 6UN.

The focus on practice groups and workshops – learning and sharing with others.

Who might be a good fit for the group?  Anyone who is interested in any of the therapies listed above, whether it is a generic interest, you are training or a Practitioner and have a desire to explore things further.  It is good to come together with like minded people to discuss ideas, inspire/motivate each other and explore our interests further.

How often will do we meet?  There is usually at least 6-8 sessions each week – morning, afternoon & evenings.

What types of sessions do we hold?  Confidence Building, Conscious Happiness, Stress Management, Conscious Dating, Personal Development Book Club, coaching activity (games) sessions, goals groups and so much more.

How much are the sessions?  These depend on the level of membership – if you join the group the prices are as advertised to the general public.  If you become a paid member of the group (£15 p/a sessions are usually £10 each including refreshments)

What are the goals or aspirations for the group?  As above I aim to bring together an inclusive community for people who share my interest in personal development, a forum for people to share and explore ideas and to support others achieve their personal goals.  The more members we have the more we can help and support each other, the more ideas can be exchanged, the more people we can connect with to talk about our Personal Development interest with.  The group is growing – through word of mouth.  Come and join us and let your friends know too.



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