BreakFree North East

If you want to BreakFree from the norm … Come join us.

BreakFree from what?  Well that is up to you.  Youngsters (whether it be pup, kitten or child) will often throw themselves into life with such excitement and nothing will hold them back from doing what they want.  However as we get older there are so many things from our life experiences that hold us back and often we have too much of the norm and not enough variation in what we do.  Life can Become humdrum and boring.

To BreakFree for some it is about making changes to their social life, for others personal growth.  Maybe for you it is taking a new hobby, making new friends or developing new skills … Or something much more challenging.

Here at BreakFree you will see a selection of events from other North East meetup groups and a some events unique to us.

• Coffee and Conversation

• Meals

• Cinema

• Personal Development stuff (helping build confidence to do new things, shaking off the things that have held you back)

• Pub socials (not piss ups)

• Weekend Breaks

• ???

What would you like to see? Whether it be hill walking, snow boarding, holidays, parachute jumping or something with less adrenaline like a walk in the park, a meal, a drink if you can’t see it on here .. be brave and add an event yourself.


We don’t have many rules … but here’s a quick guide about Events

• We allow all male & all female events.

• We run some joint events that may have age restrictions (e.g. over 40’s with Professional People North East)

• We like small groups so you may well see events with restricted number of RSVP’s for drinks or meals (e.g. anything between 4 and 15).

• We are **NOT** a dating group but if we happened to have an event listed that is a SINGLES event it will be clearly stated in case that is not your thing.

• Handling money is way too complicated for the Leadership Team … so all members take responsibility (we are grown ups after all) for booking and purchasing their own tickets for any events (e.g cinema, meals, comedy etc).  The Event Host will post a link so you know where to buy it from.

• If you say you’re coming to an event – TURN UP – it’s disrespectful to other members just to not turn up or give your excuses.

• Don’t hang back and wait for someone else to RSVP first.  GO FOR IT and say YES – you can change your ming later

Further information can be found on our PAGES tab above.

If you like what you’ve read so far .. join us – BreakFree is **FREE**

There are NO compulsory membership payment requirements and NO voluntary donations requested.

Oh … but .. finally before you JOIN please do so ONLY if you live, work or regularly visit the North East and can realistically attend an event – our aim is to build a real offline community.



and remember it is FREE to join.


If you are a confident, outgoing persons who likes to make new friends and try out different places maybe you would be interested in hosting some events.  It’s an option FREE role that some members enjoy doing after all why just go along to events other people think of when you can list your own and members can come join you?!



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