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Family festive gathering

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Yesterday my family gathered around at my city home, the last chance we will have to get together before Christmas. We have a new addition to our family, my new nephew Haydn at 8 weeks slept through most of the day though we did our best to keep the twinkly christmas lights and annonying musical tunes going well into the night.

Sadly our Rottie Harvey passed away earlier this year from cancer and he wasnt around to scoff up the leftovers but Wizard our very old and very deaf lurcher tried his best.

Thankfully there was not too much to clear up this morning and the next time we all will get together will be probably on boxing day though my hubby as usual will be at the Sunderland match on boxing day.

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Then relax and enjoy!!

Pleasant evening out with friends and talk of tea rooms.

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The parent teacher evening meeting was cancelled today as Georgina’s class teacher was off sick. After school we did some reading together and she tried on some of the new clothes she got for her birthday. Once George was packed of for a night at her grandma’s I hot footed it home to get ready.

I met up with my pals Sue, Alison and Kim tonight. We all studied law together at Northumbria Uni and moved into different legal fields. Myself public sector, Sue works in further education, Alison commercial law and Kim family law. We popped to Azzuri in Newcastle for an early evening pizza and discussed babies (Kim started her maternity leave today), work, coaching and the legal profession. When we discussed what we would like to do if we had a change of career we all said run a coffee shop / tea rooms so we had a really interesting discussion about what an ideal tea room would be.

We always seem to go to Azzuri but will probably change next time, I can almost recite the menu as it never changes and the staff were rather rude tonight interrupting our conversations and talking over the top of us. My latte was more froth than coffee so we laughed about that too. Having said that it is a nice place to meet up and there is no hassle to finish meals and leave as some places do.

I am now home having a home made latte with a handful of After Eight mints, yummy. Hopefully I will see Kim again before the baby arrives.

Visited family and had lunch out.

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Today was a typical Sunday we had nothing much planned.

I popped down to the Maplins with hubby and daughter as he wanted a microphone for his dictophone, that was easy. I am looking for a table top microphone for recording workshops etc but couldnt see what I wanted at Maplins.

Next we all went to the Skiff at Dunston for lunch. It is a nice family run pub but the lunch today was a bit disappointing, my potatoes were scorching hot but the beef and yorkshire pud were cold. The pub itself is nice and gets really busy, for me it lacks oomph. When I go to family run establishments I like to have a friendly welcome, smiles, a brief exchange of words. The staff are swift to bring out the food and take away plates but the experience just lacked the personal touch that I like.

From there we visited my hubbies folks and picked up his and our daughters birthday presents, as usual that family had been very generous to Georgina. She came back with loads of clothes, bling, hair slides and other girly things. After leaving Marks family we went to my parents and picked up Marks birthday card and cash gift.

Tonight was spent relaxing and we watched the X Factor together. I’m not sure that Cheryl Cole is seen as a god in Newcastle as was suggested tonight, and her song wasnt for me as I like more catchy numbers. Maybe a few more listens will do it.

Scottish singer Rikki Loney became the second contestant to be voted off in this series of the X Factor. Its a shame because I though he was really good and deserved to stay. Rachel Adedeji survived the judges’ vote after being left in the bottom two for the second week in a row. Both acts were great in the sing off but personally I dont think either would go on to win. The twins John and Edward Grimes stay for another week amid boos from the crowd, shame that talent leaves and they stay but that is the name of the game. If fans dont vote for you, and go for someone else then you may well be out the show before your time. It was a difficult one tonight as Louis was still away following the death and funeral of Stephen Gately. What if Louis had voted in favour of Rikki Loney? Perhaps the public vote would have kept him in another week! Who knows!!