Personal Development Cafe – Exploring Values and Motivation

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Monthly Personal Development Cafe starting March 2014

Exploring our Values and how that affects our motivation

Last week for those who came to the session on Personality Types, we explored both our own type preferences and touched on identifying some of our values.

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This week we are going to take the theme of Values and link them to MOTIVATION

We will be asking questions like

“Why do I get so excited about some things and not others?”

“How can I get more motivated to do the things I should do, but do not really want to?”

“How can I increase the motivation I have got, so I can achieve more “

“Where the heck did my Mojo go?”

As usual we will use discussion, learning and exercises to deepen our understanding of ourselves, but this week I will be introducing some NLP techniques, which will be optional.

By the end of the workshop you will understand and recognise how your values affect your passions and, and be able to increase your motivation not only to do the things you want to do with more energy, but also the tasks that you have to do.

See you there, Caroline

Personal Development Circle North East
Personal Development Circle North East

The Personal Development Cafe is both for those people new to personal development and for those already exploring coaching and neuro linguistic programing (nlp). The café sessions are designed to be informative, stimulating and compliment other Personal Development Circle North East’ workshops.

“If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.” Gandhi

As a member of the Personal Development Cafe part you will:

– Discover the benefits of using personal development techniques
– Learn tools for confidence, motivation & the power of your mind
– Gain an understanding of the science and behind personal development
– Feel motivated and supported by the group
– Progress to become the person you want to become

Café sessions are monthly and run for 2 hours. In a relaxed and informal setting the sessions will start with a coffee followed by “some food for thought” – an informative and stimulating talk. Then it’s time for “café chatter” to open up discussion. We finish with some “clearing up” and self-reflection which is for your eyes only.

You are welcome to “drop in” on individual café sessions, but you may find benefit from regular attendance.

No matter what your goals and dreams may be or at what level you are to achieving them. With consistent motivation, a deeper understanding of the power of your mind, good clear teaching, and a friendly group of people behind you, you will gain a deeper understanding and belief in yourself from which change will naturally develop.

You can choose from our Café menu over the following dates

March  8th    Start thinking right

April  26th    Your personality types

May  24th    Understanding your values

June  14th    Communicating with confidence

July  19th    Love yourself and others

August    No meeting – summer break

September 20th  Hear your Inner wisdom

October 18th    The fear factor

November 15th  Towards your spiritual self

For PAID members of the Personal Development Circle North East it’s only £10 per session

Unpaid / Non members can pay on the door – £15.


The Methodist Church

Framwellgate Moor, off front street, Framwellgate Moor DH1 5EJ

Personal Development Cafe Presenter Caroline Molloy

If Caroline is unable to run the session it will be ran by Aly or one of our other regular presenters.

Monthly workshop

No meeting in August (summer break) or December.

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