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I love solving puzzles,  I have loads of puzzles books, sudoku, wordsearches, love online puzzle games and think Nintendo DS’s ‘word coach’ is simply brilliant.  I love doing puzzles and problem solving with my young daughter; its great getting a jizsaw out and working through until it is completed.  When I was growing up one of my favourite things to do was sitting with my mam doing big and complex jigsaws (mainly sky and sea from what I recall, nightmare to do, hugely satisfying to complete).

As a coach I know we are all solving our very own life puzzles daily and love working with my coaching clients on theirs.  Each day in whatever we do we are looking to solve our own life puzzles, some are far more complex and challenging than others, solving the easier ones gives us the confidence and ability to take on the challenges of the greater ones.

Some of us search for meaning and fulfillment in our lives, a desire to find our true life purpose – is that you?  Others focus on the challenges of motherhood, overwhelm, frustration, finances, relationships, careers and employment.  What is the greatest challenge that you have at present and have you taken  any steps to solve the challenging puzzle your are experiencing?

Finding a solution to your challenges will help you acieve your goals, improve confidence and find success. 

How do we find success?  To start with you identify your goal (the big picture on the jigsaw box), put the structure in place (corners and edge pieces) then work on the fine detail (the middle pieces) and with a focused, action focused approach you will find the right solution and achieve the success you desire.

Take from what you learn about yourself, your skills and abilities and use them on the next challenge in life or business that comes to you.  Each puzzle you solve will equip you will tools you can utilize in the future.

To your success.

Aly Sproat

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