Time Management for Kids

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Ever feel you’ve all the time in the world to do the things that you want to as well as all the things that you NEED to? How could manage your time better? Many of the strategies we use are great for kids too?  But should our kids be learning about time management?

Kids should be mindful of the rewards in handling their time. As parents we can integrate this pattern to our kids day to day activites. Our kids will copy what they see their parents, teachers, mentors and peers doing.  When they see how well we manage our time they will look to see how they can copy useful strategies into their own lives.  Good practices include creating good habits for ourselves, whether it is putting toys away, clearing the dinner table or some other regular acitivity. 

A calander is a good resourse we all use, we can use it not just as a reminder for appointments but to record other information like regular activities which need to be completed.  As our kids grow older they can plan their own time to fit in their out of school activities, homework and revision sessions, time for relaxation, exercise and socialising should be set aside too.

The key to successful time management for adults and kids alike is to break down tasks into manageable sizes and to set time aside for each task or sub task to be completed.  Study planners are great so kids can see they are getting the balance of study and play right and to keep focus on what needs to be achieved.

Just as we go to work for financial rewards dont expect your kids to stick go without rewards themselves, it does not have to be anything huge but a simple treat and words of recognition for those small acheivements and successes is very motivating to kids.

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