Time Management for Managing Stress

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Time Management is Important for Stress Management

Time Management is Important for Stress Management

by Stop Panic

Effective resource allocation can help you lead a more healthy life and render you more productive, with adequate work and relaxation time. Alternatively,poor time management can not only lead to poor productivity but also undue amounts of stress.

Activity records are one of the most important tools in resource management. They help you utilise your time better, so that you can reduce time consumption on certain activities and eliminate time-wasting ones. In this way,you get more time for work and your general efficiency increases.

It might be shocking for you to see the amount of time wasted once you start making an activity record. One might spend a hell bunch of time in reading worthless mails, perusing the internet,talking to associates,making coffee, and travelling or waiting in meeting rooms.



When you start tracking your activities for a few weeks, you will analyze the time you waste, in a better manner. Start changing habits that are mere time wastage. If you believe you are wasting time reading mails, then sort out your mails, categorize your mails in sections such as ‘read later’and ‘read now’.

If you have many tasks to do in an exceedingly short duration, then work through the list and see if there are any jobs that may be delegated to someone that isn’t as overloaded as you may be, and who can help you with it.

Alternatively, barter with the people you are dealing with to see it they are prepared to offer you more time. As you consider your time function and your ability to deliver tasks, remember to leave emergency time for unexpected activities and for appropriate teamwork.

Prioritize well. This is another golden rule of time allocation.Ask as to which task demands more of your attention. You should also be ready to figure out if you should be doing a given task at a given point of time. Prioritize your jobs and you’ll manage your time better.

resource allocation takes practice. Ask whether the task at hand is what you need or have to be doing at this actual moment. If the answer is yes, by all means, go ahead and do it.

Allot a correct place for all your stuff and develop a habit to keep your things in the right location.This way you’ll never need to search for any of your belongings and you may so save a lot of time. It will help you keep away from stress.

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