When is grabbing a school child acceptable?

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I took my daughter to school this morning.  She was feeling a bit off colour and had a sore throat so I gave her some Calpol and hoped she would be fine.

In the school yard next to us was a little girl from my daughters class who also didn’t want to go school today.  When the bell ran the children file in but mine wouldn’t go in and started crying.  I stood talking to her at the next to the entrance to the school and tried to calm her down.  A member of the school staff intervened and made several attempts to grab my daughter to take her into school saying she had to go inside.  This got my daughter increasingly more upset and she lashed back saying to the staff member to leave her alone.

Whilst I not up for pandering to my daughter and would not condone her behaviour I have always said never to hit anyone but if struck she can hit back.

I do think that for a school with an anti-bullying policy the decision to grab first and not look at what is going on is deplorable.

I took my daughter into school, mentioned to the teacher she had a sore throat and had been given medication and she went merrily into class.  Sometimes it is just about taking a little of time to make the little one feel listened too and understood is all that is needed.

Interestingly too there was another child in the classroom with his mother not wanting to go to school.  Surely the school should be asking why 10% of the class (and there could be more I don’t know) do not want to go to class.  Is it coincidence or is there more too it?

Sadly this is not the first time it has happened to my daughter, and from what I have been told by other parents she is not the only child it has happened too.

But one question is really bothering me.  Why do teachers think it is acceptable to grab children in their care? It would not be tolerated by the school if the children were grabbing each other.  Does the simple fact they are ‘grown up’ and ‘staff’ allow them ‘special excemption’ to the non bullying environment which the education system and society has signed up to?

Relevant reading books

School Bullying: Insights and Perspectives by Sonia Sharp, Peter K Smith, and Peter Smith
Bullying in Schools: How Successful Can Interventions Be? by Debra Pepler, Ken Rigby Edited by Peter K. Smith, Peter K. Smith, Debra Pepler, and Ken Rigby
Bullying in Secondary Schools: What It Looks Like and How To Manage It (PCP Professional) by Dr Keith Sullivan, Mr Mark Cleary, and Dr Ginny Sullivan
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