Only about 33% of employees say they trust their senior managers

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Only about 33% of employees say they trust their senior managers

Source: CIPD – update 27 January 2010

This is one of the key findings from the CIPD latest Employee Outlook survey report. You can read the free report by clicking on the above link, inside the report find out more about employees’ attitudes towards management, workloads and the recession.

Even without reading the full report is it not a scary thought?  Only about 33% of employees say they trust their senior managers!  Why is it that managers are not trusted.  Is it something they say or do.  Is it because so many organisations are now performance managing their staff out of the workplace as a means of cost cutting and avoiding bad publicity that reduncancies and closures bring.

I know from many employees that I speak to there is a culture of mistrust of managers who the see as being econimica with the truth, seeing employees not as people, there is an expectation that staff have to constantly over deliver and work in stressful environments in fear that should they speak up they are at rsik of bullying and victimisation by managerment. 

Fever organsations are looking at the welfare of their staff, often managers dont appreciate that a happy workforce is a productive workforce.  Not surprising is the vast number of employees who are re-assessing their lives in their 30’s and 40’s especially those in professional careers and deciding that working part time and having less money provides them with a greater work life balance and improved health.

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