Jaguar XF took the Fizz out of Boxing Day Celebrations

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My Jaguar XF, truly my dream car has been once of my proudest assets to date.   I had a picture of the car on my ‘Vision Board’ for some time before its purchase but has it lived up to my expectations?  Up to a couple of weeks ago I would have said a huge yes.  I just love this car.

Since the snow arrived in the North East just before Christmas my Jag has struggled with the road conditions, some say it is because its an automatic others that it is a rear wheel drive.  Whatever the issue I dont really care, but what I do care about is that I have a beautiful expensive car on my driveway which I cant drive because there is snow on the roads.

I’ve posted previously about my hubby almost having to abandon the car on roads in Whickham because of the snow but it happened again on Boxing Day.  After having spent Christmas Day with hubby and daughter I was ready to see my folks on Boxing Day and exchange more Christmas gifts. 

My new nephew arrived in late September and my daughter George was really excited about giving him his presents, so off to my parents I went in the Jag with George whilst hubby went off to the Sunderland football match.  I was about half way up my parents street and about to turn around when the car got firmly stuck in the snow. 

My brother and a very kind passerby tried to give the car a big push to get it out the snow but no way was it going to move.  Off John went to get reinforcements.  He returned minutes later with the emergency kit; shovel, salt, carpet and brother in law Ian.  It took a combination of all these things and lots of pushing to get the vehicle going. 

Anyway, of I strugged to the top of the road and turned around so I could drive back down the street and park outside my parents address.  So Christmas festivities got underway, gifts were opened, photos were taken and banner was good.  John had to pop out for something about an hour later and came back in to tell me that I car had slid down the street and was now stationary in the bumper of Ian’s new Mazda.  Thankfully no damage was caused.

Sadly that was the end of my Boxing Day festivities, as my sister and Ian were off to take the new baby to his other set of grandparents the resting place for my car (the Mazda bumper) was moving on it was not safe to leave my car there any longer so I had to head off home.  George was gutted, we’d planned to stay for a few hours and barely lasted one.

The weather conditions have really taken the shine of my lovely new car.  What good is a car, whatever the cost and however great I think it looks, if it is useless for the weather conditions.

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